Selecting Between HP and Dell Servers

A line of Dell PowerEdge R and HPE ProLiant DL rack servers designed to handle complex workloads.

This solution is in direct competition and is often compared to the popular IBM Power series, including the IBM POWER9.

To support storage-intensive workloads, HPE offers the ProLiant DL Series rack servers that support SDDCs in a flexible, but typically compact and compact product line.

Dell PowerEdge R includes a 1-socket server for small businesses, a 2-socket server for scaling or virtualization, or a 4-socket server for data-intensive workloads and high-density virtualization.

Both ranges of rack servers are used by businesses of all sizes and reflect a diverse portfolio of products with options for small businesses.

Data center.

Both product lines offer strong versatile options for core functionality and are as versatile and extensible as advertised. However, HPE ProLiant DL customers also benefit from centralized remote management through the HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) management system available on this server.

Specifically, customers report that they are satisfied with the reliability and durability of the device and are satisfied with HPE’s customer support for ProLiant DL, which ensures an excellent device lifecycle.

Dell PowerEdge R provides users with a robust solution at a limited cost. This basic option for small and medium-sized businesses is usually inexpensive and is a good option for small branch offices.

Considering the price of vCPU or RAM, the entire family offers good value for money.

Fans celebrate the benefits of virtualization, especially support for VMware ESXi.

PowerEdge R servers are renowned for their durability and longevity.

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